Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PSE Tactical Assault Crossbows

Ok, well I may just need one of these...  If only I had infinite money.

From the manufacturer's website:
The PSE TAC 15 has taken the crossbow market by storm. The ability to convert any standard AR 15 lower into the most accurate and powerful crossbow on the market, the PSE TAC 15 has become an instant favorite for hunters and AR enthusiasts.
But what if you don't have an AR 15 lower? Now all the revolutionary features and benefits of the PSE TAC 15 are available in the new PSE TAC 15i. Featuring a fully adjustable stock and crisp trigger, the PSE TAC 15i is sure to be the hottest hunting crossbow in the woods.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Aircraft Survival Egress Knife (ASEK)

Ontario ASEK

1095 Carbon steel blade
Hardness RC 50-54
Zinc Phosphate finish to inhibit rust
Serrated edge and sawteeth on spine
One piece molded handle with spear holes
Handle molded over guard, serves as an insulator
Butt cap can be used as a hammer
Lanyard hole
Tip of butt cap can be used to score or break glass and Plexiglass
Flame-retardant Nylon sheath with Kydex® insert
Two leg protectors with straps
Anodized aluminum strap cutter accessory concealed in sheath 
Replaceable blades Thickness: .1875"
Length: 5"; 10 ¼" Overall
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Made in the USA 
The Ontario ASEK has proven itself to be a reliable survival knife time and time again.  Ontario has had government contracts for years and after using the ASEK you may know why.
The U.S. Army includes the Ontario ASEK in its Air Warrior survival kits, which requires the knife to be capable of several things including: The ability to cut through fuselage aluminum, break Plexiglas, and safely slash retention straps.
The one piece handle has a contoured rubberized overmold, and is ribbed for a sure hold.
The cross guard has holes for lashing to a spear and the same rubberized overmold as the handle, creating electrical insulation from the blade.
The butt cap is suitable for use as a hammer, and includes a glass breaker tip and lanyard hole.
The aluminum strap cutter - which is stowed in the sheath - can easily handle most cords (including the standard 550 cord, obviously), and has a standard screwdriver end.
The OD sheath is flame retardant nylon with a kydex insert and has multiple mounting options: Belt loop, ties for LBV gear or straps for leg mounting.


But What About the Gerber LMF II ASEK?

A fair question, as the Gerber LMF II ASEK is a serious contender.  The two knives are very similar, as they were developed to the same specifications, so I think a lot of it comes down to personal preference.
There are notable differences though, including the blade steel.  The Gerber LMF II ASEK uses 12c27 SS, which in my opinion for survival is slightly less desirable than Ontario's 1095 Carbon Steel.  12c27 SS is more rust resistant, but the trade-off being that 1095 Carbon is easier to sharpen.
It's also worth noting that the Geber sheath has an integrated sharpener, which despite being only a quick fix type of sharpen, can still come in handy.
The truth of the matter is that the Ontario ASEK and Gerber LMF II are largely the same in terms of performance, so for me it comes down to preference and availability.

New Ruger SR-556/6.8 Released

SR-556/6.8 stats from Ruger:
Caliber: 6.8 SPC
Stock: Black synthetic, collapsible
Weight: 7.75 lbs.Height: 7.75"
Width: 2.50"
Overall Length: 32.75" - 36.00"
Barrel Length: 16.12"
Twist: 1:10" RH
Grooves: 6
Length of Pull: 10"25" - 13.50"
Sights: Folding
Finish: ManganesePhosphate/HardcoatAnodized
Capacity: 25
MSRP: $1995.00

The Ruger SR-556/6.8 features a two stage piston with adjustable regulator, quad rail handguard, Troy Industries Folding Battlesights, 6-position M4-style buttstock, Cold hammer-forged chrome-lined barrel (MIL-SPEC 41V45), Hogue pistol grip, chrome plated bolt, one-piece bolt carrier and extractor, rail covers, 3 magazines (2x25 rd, plus 5rd), and a soft case.

Looks sexy, but the price point is likely to keep it out of the average AR fan's gunsafe.  I'll be keeping my eye on this one, though.  The intriguing piston design and 6.8 SPC chambering are not to be overlooked.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fenix LD20

Stats taken from Fenix:
• Cree XP-G LED (R4) with lifespan of 50,000 hours 
• Two modes (6 types) of output, generation/turbo selected by turning the bezel (patented) 
• General Mode: 9 lumens (71hrs)-> 50 lumens (13hrs)->105 lumens (5hrs)-> SOS
• Turbo Mode: 205 lumens (2hrs)-> Strobe
• Digitally regulated output - maintains constant brightness
• Uses two 1.5V AA ( Alkaline, Ni-MH, Lithium ) batteries, inexpensive and widely available
• 150mm (Length) x 21.5mm (Diameter)
• Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
• Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
• 60-gram weight (excluding batteries)
• Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard
• Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
• Push-button tail cap switch
• Capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle
• Anti-roll, slip-resistant body design
• Included accessories: holster, lanyard, body clip, two spare o-rings, and a rubber switch boot

The Fenix LD20 will be my next light purchase because of its light weight and high output from readily available batteries (205 lumens from 2xAA).  Although I don't own it yet, I've used it extensively in the field and can say that it easily outperforms lights three to four times more expensive (I'm looking at you, Surefire!).  One can usually pick up a Fenix LD20 for $60 or less, and at that price why on Earth WOULDN'T you stick one in your bug out bag, tac load-out, or hunting set-up?  It would also be perfect for LEOs, EMTs, or firefighters.
Everybody needs a good flashlight.  Must be reliable, sustainable in an emergency, and versatile.  The Fenix LD20 is all that and more.  As an aside, can it be weapon mounted?  Absolutely.  But I'll be reviewing my favorite weapon mounted light soon.


What McDonald v Chicago Means To You

By: William M Lolli - Reposted from: Gun News Daily 

When I first read the Supreme Court decision in McDonald v Chicago, I had to control my emotions. Additionally, I was so excited, that my mind was racing in several directions at once, thinking:  How best can I report the astounding, pivotal nature of this decision to all gun owners?

At long last, since the NFA [National Firearms Act of 1934, the first major legislation that restricted firearm ownership which controlled and defined firearm types and taxed them], through all of the various state’s attempts to control guns [see Gun Laws by State ], the Gun Control Act of 1968, the Roberti-Roos Ban of 1989, and the list goes on--- FINALLY, the Supreme Court has AFFIRMED that the 2nd Amendment is a fundamental Civil Right.

Additionally, the opinion in McDonald was held and affixed to the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the Constitution which states: “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”.

So--- what does this mean to you? Quite simply, a great deal. So great a deal, in fact, that it would take me several editorials to outline the complete ramifications of the decision.
Let me cut to the chase and make a startling proposal: Go to that link [above] that references all of the restricting Gun Control Laws of the various states. Now think about how each one of the laws CAN AND WILL BE OVERTURNED or relegated into unenforcibility.

How? Well, consider that each of those state and local laws, like the ones that the City of Chicago has just enacted after the McDonald decision, infringes upon the civil rights of the gun owner. And let the term CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION sink deeply into your mind.
In his affirming of the majority decision, Justice Clarence Thomas expressed a legal construct linking the 2nd Amendment, the 14th Amendment, the Privileges or Immunities Clause, and a historical-legal narrative of gun ownership as the fundamental method of securing the rights and freedoms of freed-blacks from Jim Crow Laws, the KKK, and all other State and Local attempts to terrorize the newly freed citizens into submission.

Thusly, even the vaulted and beloved California Supreme Court affirmed Roberti-Roos Assault Weapon Ban is in fact a civil rights violation of the citizens of the United States.


Bushmaster ACR


Saturday, August 28, 2010

SOG SEAL Team Elite

I LOVE THIS KNIFE.  There, I'm glad I got that off my chest.  Seriously, this thing is truly beautiful.  I mean... it's real manly and cuts stuff up.  It's worth mentioning now that I don't buy into the whole "If the SEALs use it then it must be good" mentality.  Anybody who has been around the military knows that they're often forced to cut corners to save money, and the best deal they're offered, they take.  With that simple truth alone, I would never buy anything solely because "the military uses it."  So the name SEAL Team Elite aside, I still like it.

Overall length: 12.3"
Blade: 7"x.24"
Weight: 10.3 oz
Steel: AUS 8
HRC: 57-58
Handle: Zytel

SOG SEAL Team Elite: Suitable for combat, survival, utility, whatever.  It's a bit big for EDC, but SOG has you covered with the SEAL Pup Elite, exactly the same knife just smaller (9.5").  Great ergonomics, excellent quality steel, and SOG's crazy good reputation; they've never let me down.
The Seal Team Elite comes with a suitable nylon sheath.  They manufacture a kydex sheath as well, and various distributors will sell one or the other, so as with anything else make sure you know what you're getting.  I tend to prefer the nylon sheath as it gives a little more protection of the knife and has a handy pocket on the front for a sharpening stone (not included).
You can pretty easily find this beast of knife for around $100-115, not bad at all.


And even if the SEAL Team Elite isn't your style, check out some of the other SOG products!

Ruger LCP - Perfect Compact Carry

I just recently purchased this gun, and I have to say, it's become an instant favorite.  Let's look at the stats:

Caliber: .380 Auto
Capacity: 6+1
Sights: Fixed
Length: 5.16"
Width: 0.82"
Height: 3.60"
Weight Empty: 9.40 oz.
Weight Loaded: 11.95 oz
Barrel Length: 2.75"
Barrel Material: Alloy Steel
Grooves: 6
Twist: 1:16"

Do to its ultra light and compact polymer frame, the LCP feels right at home in your pocket, waistband, on your ankle, or anywhere else.   The DAO trigger means you have peace of mind with it in your pocket as the hammer is not cocked until you are ready to fire.

The First time I took the LCP out on the range, I put 100 rounds through it without ANY hiccups.  Since then I've put another 300 downrange and still no problems at all.  Now THAT is impressive for a pistol this small.  Compare to other mouseguns that require a ~200rd breakin period.  The LCP delivers accuracy as well; Even with the low-profile fixed sights, center of mass (CoM) shots are no problem out to over 15 yards, and for a compact gun like this, your intention of use shouldn't be to fire at anything further away than that.  The simple truth is, if you use good form while shooting, the LCP will not let you down.

Shortly after falling in love with this gun, I HAD to pick up the Crimson Trace LG-431.  The fit is seamless and installation was beyond simple.  It truly looks like they were designed for one another.  The LG-431 comes factory zeroed to the LCP at 50', and after testing I proved that to be a fair statement.  Windage and elevation adjustments are present should your use vary.

As far as other accessories go, they are fairly numerous.  From what I've been seeing there are many custom-fit holsters available in all popular carry styles, and pretty much any holster designed for the P3AT will fit the LCP just fine -- so there are plenty of options.  The LCP comes with interchangeable magazine plates, one standard and one extended.  I prefer the extended one as it allows my ring finger to rest comfortably on the gun without sacrificing much (if any) conceal-ability.

Although I would have preferred the gun to come with two magazines rather than one, one must take into account one's intended use:  To me, this is a highly concealable gun to be used either as a backup, or when one's clothing doesn't allow a larger frame pistol.  In other words, it's absolutely a defensive gun and likely to be used either as a last-ditch effort or just a scare tactic, rather than any kind of combat related role.  No soldier or LEO would use such a small gun as a primary weapon, so I find the need for additional magazines and speedy reloading somewhat irrelevant.

I bought my LCP locally, and they can usually be found for around $300!
$300 to potentially save your life?  Yes, please.


Welcome, people of the internet, to the GN&G blog!  It is my most sincere hope that while on this website, you will find only the most reliable information possible.  That being said however, I'm sure I make mistakes.  Consider this as a disclaimer that I cannot be held liable for anything you take away from this blog.  I do not intend to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  And as with most things in life, take everything with a grain of salt!
It's extremely important that when learning about firearms and survival gear you put in a personal effort towards research, not only so that you make the right purchasing decision, but so that you know how to properly utilize your gear as well.  I can only do so much, but I will do my best to cite sources of the information I post so as to help you along your quest for the best.

Good luck and happy hunting.