Saturday, August 28, 2010

SOG SEAL Team Elite

I LOVE THIS KNIFE.  There, I'm glad I got that off my chest.  Seriously, this thing is truly beautiful.  I mean... it's real manly and cuts stuff up.  It's worth mentioning now that I don't buy into the whole "If the SEALs use it then it must be good" mentality.  Anybody who has been around the military knows that they're often forced to cut corners to save money, and the best deal they're offered, they take.  With that simple truth alone, I would never buy anything solely because "the military uses it."  So the name SEAL Team Elite aside, I still like it.

Overall length: 12.3"
Blade: 7"x.24"
Weight: 10.3 oz
Steel: AUS 8
HRC: 57-58
Handle: Zytel

SOG SEAL Team Elite: Suitable for combat, survival, utility, whatever.  It's a bit big for EDC, but SOG has you covered with the SEAL Pup Elite, exactly the same knife just smaller (9.5").  Great ergonomics, excellent quality steel, and SOG's crazy good reputation; they've never let me down.
The Seal Team Elite comes with a suitable nylon sheath.  They manufacture a kydex sheath as well, and various distributors will sell one or the other, so as with anything else make sure you know what you're getting.  I tend to prefer the nylon sheath as it gives a little more protection of the knife and has a handy pocket on the front for a sharpening stone (not included).
You can pretty easily find this beast of knife for around $100-115, not bad at all.

And even if the SEAL Team Elite isn't your style, check out some of the other SOG products!

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