Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ruger LCP - Perfect Compact Carry

I just recently purchased this gun, and I have to say, it's become an instant favorite.  Let's look at the stats:

Caliber: .380 Auto
Capacity: 6+1
Sights: Fixed
Length: 5.16"
Width: 0.82"
Height: 3.60"
Weight Empty: 9.40 oz.
Weight Loaded: 11.95 oz
Barrel Length: 2.75"
Barrel Material: Alloy Steel
Grooves: 6
Twist: 1:16"

Do to its ultra light and compact polymer frame, the LCP feels right at home in your pocket, waistband, on your ankle, or anywhere else.   The DAO trigger means you have peace of mind with it in your pocket as the hammer is not cocked until you are ready to fire.

The First time I took the LCP out on the range, I put 100 rounds through it without ANY hiccups.  Since then I've put another 300 downrange and still no problems at all.  Now THAT is impressive for a pistol this small.  Compare to other mouseguns that require a ~200rd breakin period.  The LCP delivers accuracy as well; Even with the low-profile fixed sights, center of mass (CoM) shots are no problem out to over 15 yards, and for a compact gun like this, your intention of use shouldn't be to fire at anything further away than that.  The simple truth is, if you use good form while shooting, the LCP will not let you down.

Shortly after falling in love with this gun, I HAD to pick up the Crimson Trace LG-431.  The fit is seamless and installation was beyond simple.  It truly looks like they were designed for one another.  The LG-431 comes factory zeroed to the LCP at 50', and after testing I proved that to be a fair statement.  Windage and elevation adjustments are present should your use vary.

As far as other accessories go, they are fairly numerous.  From what I've been seeing there are many custom-fit holsters available in all popular carry styles, and pretty much any holster designed for the P3AT will fit the LCP just fine -- so there are plenty of options.  The LCP comes with interchangeable magazine plates, one standard and one extended.  I prefer the extended one as it allows my ring finger to rest comfortably on the gun without sacrificing much (if any) conceal-ability.

Although I would have preferred the gun to come with two magazines rather than one, one must take into account one's intended use:  To me, this is a highly concealable gun to be used either as a backup, or when one's clothing doesn't allow a larger frame pistol.  In other words, it's absolutely a defensive gun and likely to be used either as a last-ditch effort or just a scare tactic, rather than any kind of combat related role.  No soldier or LEO would use such a small gun as a primary weapon, so I find the need for additional magazines and speedy reloading somewhat irrelevant.

I bought my LCP locally, and they can usually be found for around $300!
$300 to potentially save your life?  Yes, please.


  1. cool dude interested in a 380 AS MY FIRST firearm. Any comments on it?

  2. Great! The .380 Auto can be a good caliber to learn with because of its manageable recoil/report. Also, if you're interested in carrying your weapon (concealed or otherwise), I think .380 helps people get used to carrying around a gun due to the small size and weight. As far as stopping power, it's going to be better than a .32 but significantly less than 9mm. Price per round is about the same as 9mm, so that's average. In my opinion, any caliber will be effective so long as you PRACTICE with it. Become a product of good training and any weapon will suit you just fine.

  3. I was looking for a concealed carry arm for protection and this is what I choose. It's the package I was looking for.....small, lightweight, easy to find bullets, good price and it will do the job of protecting if need be. I'm a small size woman and found that the Ruger LCP380 was my choice going down from a 9mm which had more weight and hard to conceal for me.